Out of money!!

well i spent too much this month on computer i left with nothing now till the end of the month.  i have to watch out how do i spend money around.

Still i need a mac book pro to use at work. i have stopped using windows at home and started hatting it more and more.(I’m getting addicted to mac).

anyone knows how to get fast money 😛

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17 Replies to “Out of money!!”

  1. You know…I was going to suggest the same thing that the previous poster says. There’s nothing better for getting quick money than becoming a gigolo. Remember the movie American Gigolo? That guy wasn’t even good looking and see how many babes he got?

    Btw…didn’t know you have your own blog and another thing? Why your real name? I thought your whole identity was supposed to be a *secret*

    P.S., LEND FROM EDDY!!!!! If he doesn’t wanna…tell him that you are going to do something terribly horrible to him that involves stillettoes and a couple of drag queens!

  2. Blaen,

    Well eddy is more pore than iam at the moment 🙂
    and i don’t hide my identity .. !

    i still see that you full of bugs ( someone need to debug you )

    Thanks 🙂 but i got my pay check 🙂 now i have more money to spend 😛

  3. You can’t share…Ranma won’t allow you :P. Unless…you give to Eddy, Eddy wacks Ranma over the head and then gives it Ranma at the point of a sword!

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