A very bad month

the last month was really a bad one for me ..

Nothing absolutely nothing went the way i wanted .. even work :(.
that’s not all even the internet, having problems with isp, Site getting DDOSed and banks closing my online accounts!
You’ll always know that there something not right .. and you get that bad feeling that it’s going to hit very bad.

So I’m running away .. from everything .. ill be going on vacation .. which will start on 15th of Nov .. till 28th.

that’s 15 days ahead, i have to survive for 2 more weeks .. !

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5 Replies to “A very bad month”

  1. Howdy Waiel,
    LoL, I can’t believe it ! we are really living in a VERY small world :p
    You can call it very small compound 😉

    I was wondering, is *Waiel* the one who created the VBimghost the same *Waiel* in IS?
    The answer has jsut been realised for me; Absolutely YES !

    Glad to meet you online instead of on earth, Mr. bored Man :p

    ur [i][b]IS Mate[/b][/i] … Firas.

  2. Ranma’s story reminds me of my financial woes last month :P. We all get those months…months when you just get royally screwed up the @ss.

    Be that as it may, I’m actually glad you are taking a break. I would say that you really deserve it. Hope you enjoy and when you get back, you could post us some pictures of you in your scooba diving suit because I know for sure that thats all we are going to get.

  3. go ahead and enjoy it, meet lots of nice n pretty gals at the same time… 😀 relax all till the whole of 15 days… eat…sleep…eat…sleep

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