Back and still alive ..

Well I’m back .. and still kicking 🙂
My first Priority is to

1- get Ao back online.
2- Finish the new script for the image hosting ..

For Ao it’s getting complete makeover and I’m having Lot’s of help from the members 🙂 and it should be great when it comes out.

As for the script it’s also getting a complete Redo + adding more features to it. next release will be ver 2.0.
Other than that I’m back to my old work and i feel somewhat different 🙂

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3 Replies to “Back and still alive ..”

  1. We are with YOU!!! Ranma-chan
    we are sad when AO was again down ..still we are AO members and still Ao member

    and everyone too :hug: ^^

    Ranma-chan ^^

    We are Ao member and you didn’t know maybe but a lot member from Ao missing Ao really much

    when it’s down ..everyone search some answer why it’s down..
    but seem like everyone said it’s because ddos ..
    so it’s ddos again -.-

    well we are with you


    :hugs: everyone too ^^

  3. Yosh Ranma

    I’m totally looking forward to the New AO and hoping to add on my piece of code on to that as well :). I Hope it revitalises AO to new heights.

    I’m sure that by now, many members would have thought that AO would be down for good but when it comes back, I’m sure every member will be flocking back.

    Just a couple of things from my side…

    Is it possible for you to supply me with some code as to how the clubs function?

    I don’t have vbulletin and if I don’t have vbulletin, I cannot hope to code anything. You can maybe give me access to the development board and the code, I would really appreciate that :).

    If you can’t, it just means that I have to buy a copy of vbulletin which would be a waste as I wouldn’t use the thing.

    So…thats my worries…

    I’ll be lookin forward to the next release of AO. Hope its everything you dreamt of 😛

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