life still the same

well i thought that everything going to change. but it’s still the same ..
Some people wonder why i stay in front of PC mac a lot, well the simple reason is how life is.

Lately i see some weird behavior from the people around me friends, Family  & even co-workers. which make me wonder why are they doing things like this. the only escape for me is the PC mac and the internet world, at least i find myself there  doing what i like, getting some good/bad feedback about the things i do from people who don’t know me , at least they are honest about it. Sometimes i value an internet friend more than a real life friend.

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3 Replies to “life still the same”

  1. It’s ok. A lot of people also use internet as relaxation as well. At the very least, it’s good that you don’t take things personally about some too honest comments for feedback from unknown people 😉

  2. Hey, Ranma ! Pull yourself together. You were able to do an extraordinary thing by stayin in front of your mac. There are already people who spend their lives in front of computer don’t accomplish anything – and there’s gonna be more and more of them – but what YOU are doing is so whoopingly phenomenal that God himself has created an account on AO. Ok, maybe not God, but Jigoku Shoujo most certainly. XD

    Bringing people together across countries, cultures, races, religions, sects, clans and multinationals is a REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY EXTREMELY ABRACADRABRISTICALLY ^*cool*^ thing !

    Virtual as it may be, it has brought real value into my wretched existence for 3 years now and I’m ever grateful.

    So those people in real life, face them with pride and show them what is really important to you. 🙂

  3. Ranma I feel the same alot and thats how I manged last few years .Its easier be honset online 🙂 Im glad you have became my friend .I really enjoy your company

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