Changing the way life goes

Well yesterday i went to a company event .. and played football with them.. i was shocked that i was out of shape !! well not really sitting in front of pc mac all day will do that 4 sure . so i decided to change .. ( since life doesn’t change ).

i signed up for a health center and started morning training .. ( heck of time to start so damn cold ) .
a step into the new life .. ( what the heck I’m doing) !

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8 Replies to “Changing the way life goes”

  1. Awww Good Luck Ranma ! Btw how ya be feeling ?
    Do I need downlaod skype again to be able say hello 🙂 .Good luck with the training .

    Also relaly odd thing when I loggged in here my cd drive opened @.@

  2. That’s a good change Ranma, I hope it goes well for you ^^
    hehe, training in the morning! Man I couldn’t do that xD You must be reaallly committed 😀


    Take care of yourself. I hope to talk to you soon ^__^

  3. me starts a fight with ranma let’s test if the fitness center worked !!! AARRRAAAAA *jumps on ranma’s back and punches him *punch punch punch * °(n.n)-o /(x.x)/

  4. If I had to try that excercise crap…I would die from high blood pressure and a heart attack.

    Just goes to show…excercise kills…thats why I don’t!

  5. Exercising in cool weather is better. =) Easier to cool down that way. Staying hot and sweaty for extended periods of time is yucky! xD haha

    Gogo Cardio! =p Tis too tiring for me, so you must have a lot of determination xD

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