7 Replies to “Attacks on AO site”

  1. I think Just means the ppl attacking us 😡

    Also ^_^ were hanging in there Ranma-Chan we will be there once again when the attack is over .Till now we will bunk in ao refuge @.@ till that happens.
    Is there anyway help against future attacks ?

  2. First of all let me say:

    1. We luv’s you alot Ranma XD
    2. Being DDOS’ed so much has taught us a little patience so we alright.
    3. I don’t like the concept of Revenge…it has the ring of small penus syndrome!
    4. Hinata-chan has got some brand new ideas so she will also be able to help in situations like this 🙂
    5. We still luv’s you Ranma :wub:

    I think we should also remember that while AO is being traumatised, so are many other anime websites 🙂

    Lastly, maybe we should all give some thought to how we are going to pick up the pieces when AO returns as I forsee lots of work to be done in the near future :).

  3. i dunno how come is all a time us who have a DDOS attack!!!
    that really mean!!!
    we didn’t make nothing bad !!! …-.- but really the people who make that is only jealous us !!!

    try everyday AO site !!! missing everyone !!! :hug::hug:

  4. Well, normally, attackers spend about $500 for a few thousand bots for attacking someone per week. Just hang in there Ranma, at least until attackers have run out of their money to attack you ^^

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