14 Replies to “AO is moving.”

  1. Thats great to hear :). I know you have been worrying about coming up with a solution to the DDOS attacks so this new move should offer some respite against these ongoing attacks 🙂


    While AO is down, you can hang out here with the rest of us 🙂

    http://www.aorefuge.info 🙂

  2. With regard to the above post…excuse me while I laugh my head off :P.

    However, it is kinda sad 🙁 …. but hilarious at the same time…especially the way you said it 😛

  3. :hug:!!! we should everyone meet in irc ..
    like a meeting !! i miss everyone a lot!!!
    and thank Ranma-chan!!! i cannot wait to see it’s online again too!!

  4. errr-chan!!! :hug::hug:!!!
    sorry!! explain more later !! ..and oh! currently talk with Haydee in a same place !! ^=^

    come !!

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