Why it’s always a man fault ?

I wanted to talk about this subject a long time ago but didn’t have time. but being in the hospital with nothing today just waiting i decided to write and discuss it with the people crawling  the blog, so let’s get into the point.

Why is it always the man fault, when ever anything happen in the  married life it’s always the man fault. even if it’s clearly shows that the woman is the one to be blamed you’ll doomed if you said it.  And men just accept it to get over with it but if you try  just a small try to stand and defend yourself all gates of hell open on you.

Women have their way to control each aspect of the man life and if you don’t follow it. it’s your fault and it ends in bad way, their biggest weapon is tears and in the end you’ll feel sorry for her and idiotically you accept that it’s your fault ( SHAME ON YOU MEN SHAME ON YOU ).

Women always find a way to take themselves out f being blamed and expect an apology from you for what they originally their fault . Men in the other hand if they have a valid point it get berried by the pile of excuse the women think of, the man nature come in his disadvantage  when ever  such thing happen he become speechless and try to control the situation but eventually after getting mad and refusing to accept it he will appoligise for the issue swallowing all the sorrow just to get back to the normal life.

What drive you crazy if women doesn’t accept the apology and insists that they are hurt. well in this case action differ from men to men, some men take it further to invite her to  a romantic dinner or lunch and apologizing. some take it really bad and end up in a disaster.

Well i don’t know what to writer there. but i have been there many times and i managed to doge the problem but that teach me a lot of thing about my wife and how to avoid such cases in the future.

Update: Just after reading this i found out that it’s misleading as I’m accusing men for it. my point is that Women is saying that .. even if it’s not true.  Not blaming men for anything.

P.S: no men or women was harmed during the writing of this post 🙂

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8 Replies to “Why it’s always a man fault ?”

  1. Honestly are you in the Middle East?? ^_^ I don’t know where’s the mistake & I don’t know if you talk in general or personally although this is not happening in general in our world man =). Women in Arabic World Raised and taught to obey Men as they are the father, brother and husband who they have the Wardship, and most of time women fear them.So in result if any conflict between them, woman MUST shut up whether it’s her fault or not(In Arabic) NO EXCUSES ^_^.It’s the Men who never admit their mistakes and who does are few. In other hand some women are smart and cunning, if she found her chance to take what she wants from her Man she would not stop even she hurt him, well this is a baa~d personality=). I don’t say the man must be a cruel but strict although am a woman ^_^. beside you MEN, you know that tears are the secret weapon for women so why you would care ?? I mean feel sorry for her that’s ok but what does that make it your fault ??? o_O at the end she loves you, if you didn’t admit it as your fault she will. unless she’s that type of women x_x duh!!

    1. Dear Kathreen,
      My assumption is based on the way I saw and observed either personally or from my friends, it’s always the man fault is the final result.
      It’s true that Middle east women are raised to obey the Men still sometimes they don’t and they blame the men :). Yes women do use this weapon ( tears ) to get what ever they want, and yes I have fallen into that power also. 😉
      Overall men tend to stop the problems and try to end it even if they have to admit falsely that it was their fault.
      I once tolled my wife that everything was my fault she immediately stopped and laughed and I was like WTH O_O.
      It’s different from Place to place but still end up in only one result it’s the man fault 🙂 .

      1. I wish to be agree with you but ….!!
        I mean there’s somethin’ wrong, why should it be always the man’s fault ? you said to your wife that everything’s your fault and she laughed, after you opened your eyes o_o have you asked youself why? maybe she thought you declared her victory XD. well for me I find your saying is not making a sense or like you’re making fun of me >_<.From what I read it seems you're the one who welcomes it as your fault maybe to avoid any Irritants in your married life, although it's so sweet from a man but it's not good for your wife and don forget your son as well ^__^ perhaps you'll give him the same treatment he's a kid so there'll be more tears. and I will not be surprised if you exploded one day loool XD
        To make a long story short, LETS THE HELL DOORS OPEN But Never let it burn you ^_^

        1. LOL, well women tend to say that it’s always the Man fault, but it’s not always the case. What I did with my wife is to reduce the tension of the arguments because I believe that if 2 mad people arguing then they tend to say something that might hurt the other person, so for me I say something out of the blue and when I tolled her that everything is my fault she stopped and laughed and I was like WTH .. I would use it again if it’s going to reduce the arguments and the fights 😉
          I’m not making fun and I do appreciate your comments… i feel relieved talking with someone about it.
          I’m drafting a post about a solution for all of this will post it soon

          1. Oh No! I didn’t mean you making fun of me here,I was putting myself in your wife’s place ^_^, If my husband said the same to me I would feel am such a kid. like we said in arabic”ماخذني على قد عقلي” hehehe sorry I wrote it AR ><"
            anyway I truly wishing you happy life and was a nice chance to meet and talk to u.
            I found it interesting as am gonna get married soon =)

            wish me luck who knows maybe you'll find me one day posting: why it's always a woman fault?? lool

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