2 years.

It’s has been 2 years since i started scuba diving and it’s really great way to relax. Most people get afraid if they get underwater. thinking that they will drown (for god sake you have a tank of air on your back), there is nothing to be afraid of. make sure you check your tank while you under water or your really going to drown XD
another thing people ask when you tell them your diving is sharks, and as soon as you tell them that sharks are harmless they don’t trust you. The nature of all animals are defensive if you don’t bug them they will leave you alone, it’s same with sharks they don’t attack you unless you attack or disturb peace

I’ll add some pictures of me diving soon

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  1. I think we are in the late phase now. Waiel and pictures don’t mix all that well….like oil and water. If we do get to see a picture one day…it will most probably be so blurry that we would go blind from having to decrypt it visually!

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