I Got Paypal Finlay …

after weeks of communications with paypal i just received the account activation and not restricted.
Now that i have it with me, i don’t know why did i apply in the first place for it !

Out of money!!

well i spent too much this month on computer i left with nothing now till the end of the month.  i have to watch out how do i spend money around.

Still i need a mac book pro to use at work. i have stopped using windows at home and started hatting it more and more.(I’m getting addicted to mac).

anyone knows how to get fast money 😛

Graphics Goal

i have a big problem when it comes to graphics and 3D designs .
I always drools on a great graphic or 3d modules .. which made me dive into this area  more.
lately i have been going around the web for 3d/ graphic site and i was amazed about all the stuff out there.

So i downloaded a demo of 4d cinema and I’ll try my luck in doing a module or something :)  hopefully i won’t suck that much.

if i do something ( which is actually have a structure or at least called something )  I’ll post it here

Superman or Super lame !

finally after weeks of work i manged to get a time to watch a movie 🙂
the movie that i watched was superman returns and let me say .. that it sucks …!

why it’s always that the second release of any movie sucks big time .. ( I’m not saying that all the movies do so ), but from what i heard that Pirate of the caribbean
is good well on my next free time I’ll get get a look at it 🙂