I Got Paypal Finlay …

after weeks of communications with paypal i just received the account activation and not restricted.
Now that i have it with me, i don’t know why did i apply in the first place for it !

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  1. Want me to deposit something in it…currently broke because payday is still far away but will be thinking of you come pay day XD.

    Most probably give you a 10 cents….all for yourself so you can buy yourself a sweatie 😛

  2. BTW….I thought you hated paypal seeing that they screwed you the last time (if I remember correctly). I believe I saw you protesting that paypal were the biggest thieves on the net and that you didn’t want anything to do with them?

  3. Always the scuba pic…post something new!

    I have paypal but I never use it and Ive probably forgotten my account info by now XD

  4. Oh…hinata came to spam also :P. Anyways, AnimeOtaku is down, Blaen can’t get onto IRC and I’m bored at work cause there is nothing to do!

    Waiel…drop a atomic bomb on the @^$&%(*%$^$^*&^

  5. No AO for 5 days…I’m going INSANE!!! Seriously…I’m an addict and need my fix! Mmmm…they say that patience is a virtue…PATIENCE IS A PAIN IN THA @SS! I want AO :x_x:

  6. Oh what kind of things… and guess who am i… :p

    anyway… did u consider using those images to suprise eddy? NOSEBLEED

    lots of people want to stalk u… i guess u are too popular… everyone want a piece of u

    btw when is AO coming back or not in the near future? sort of bored without it… and extra security functions to prevent more attacks?

  7. start your bidding of the pieces… starting price at 1000 usd… each bid increases 100 usd… 🙂

    i see ao is finally back…
    send you an email… through contact us… got problem login…

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