The love continues

Well again the love to put ao down continues
someone really like AO that he keeps hurting it again and again πŸ™‚

well Ao will be back .. but don’t know when πŸ™‚

Changing the way life goes

Well yesterday i went to a company event .. and played football with them.. i was shocked that i was out of shape !! well not really sitting in front of pc mac all day will do that 4 sure . so i decided to change .. ( since life doesn’t change ).

i signed up for a health center and started morning training .. ( heck of time to start so damn cold ) .
a step into the new life .. ( what the heck I’m doing) !

life still the same

well i thought that everything going to change. but it’s still the same ..
Some people wonder why i stay in front of PC mac a lot, well the simple reason is how life is.

Lately i see some weird behavior from the people around me friends, Family  & even co-workers. which make me wonder why are they doing things like this. the only escape for me is the PC mac and the internet world, at least i find myself there  doing what i like, getting some good/bad feedback about the things i do from people who don’t know me , at least they are honest about it. Sometimes i value an internet friend more than a real life friend.

Back and still alive ..

Well I’m back .. and still kicking πŸ™‚
My first Priority is to

1- get Ao back online.
2- Finish the new script for the image hosting ..

For Ao it’s getting complete makeover and I’m having Lot’s of help from the members πŸ™‚ and it should be great when it comes out.

As for the script it’s also getting a complete Redo + adding more features to it. next release will be ver 2.0.
Other than that I’m back to my old work and i feel somewhat different πŸ™‚