WII have a problem

Today a friend of mine tolled me about this site


it’s funny what you see what happens when people get over excited XD

check it out

4 Replies to “WII have a problem”

  1. Well Ranma…I have an internet policy at work that doesn’t allow me to view “frivolous” things and your link qualifies as one of those frivolous things….

    It upsets me sometime. That should be incentive enough for me to get internet at home but I won’t do that :P. No matter how much “certain” people bug me about it

  2. Blaen, I’ve watched it, and it’s not frivolous thing 😉

    Anyway, that website shows that playing game is far more than dangerous and expensive than playing real sports XD

  3. Well…I didn’t mean that the media clip was frivolous…I meant that if I couldn’t see it or access it, my work policy most probably thought it was frivolous and hence not donducive to a good working environment 😛

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