The love continues

Well again the love to put ao down continues
someone really like AO that he keeps hurting it again and again 🙂

well Ao will be back .. but don’t know when 🙂

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  1. Happy New Year, Ranma !
    Happy New Year, all !

    Mwahaha, It’s a brand new start, with bold resolutions, high hopes, and a invincible determination 😀

    Who’s afraid of some petty web pirates ? Come ya small fries, the likes of you deserve not the faintest glitter of our already contemptuous heed.

    AO community will overcome !!!

  2. Happy New Year! And Im going thru major AO withdrawl T_T Ranma if anythign later I can do to help let me know 🙂 .
    I also miss you ranma we havent talked in ages . Have you been doing ok ?Eddy not bugging you too much ?

  3. Well…its a new year and as many of you know…I have been away for some time due to lack of an internet connection. But, work is starting again so now I’m available but still a little saddened by the fact that AO is non-existent. I must admit that when I stepped into my office and logged onto my PC, the first thing I did was try to access my beloved Old Timers Club but with no success.

    Of course you must know that when I couldn’t access it, I went through a major period of depression filled with anxiety.

    This of course is torture!!!

    Anyways, I hope that all of you enjoyed the festive season. Season’s greetings to all of you and may you look forward to a splendid year ahead!

  4. Well Justy…we have our own little forum right here and I’m very sure that Ranma won’t mind if we spam his blog!

    So..some one just needs to come up with some silly little topic so we can get something started…

  5. Well….I wrote this long essay…specifically for you and that wonderful remark about me (which makes me special and you not special btw) but when I try to post it….

    Ican’t find it and you know how I love writing essays…

    Suffice to say…that had me disappointed :(.

    Anyways…If can’t post the damn thing then screw that 😛

  6. Hmmm….and hear I thought I showing you the love 🙁 …. whats wrong…you got issues with another guy showing you some love

  7. As for you doing anything to me lately….mmmmm……

    Not really…but does that actually matter? Do actually need an appointment to mess with your head?

  8. Where else do you expect us to be ?

    You should know by now that the most ardent AO members are all devoted to giving Ranma a hard time… poor Ranma….doesn’t even get enough respect from us 🙁

  9. Actually, I am for that temporary forum, not necessarily OT exclusive. Or if to be exact, I am for it just magically, or in another similar fashion, appearing without me having put even the shade of an effort into it… and I’m not saying that because I’m lazy… well, not only because of that, but also because I need to concentrate all my efforts elsewhere. So, any of you happens to know any magicians ? 😛

  10. Opps but in a certain smiely and messed up the script . So I have post again what the rest said … But we wub Ranma’s blogs 🙂 . You should make Eddy make a blog too I’m sure his would be a funny one 🙂 .

    And sassy i could make a temp one but only if people would be intrested it does take tiny bit of effort :p .

  11. miss everyone !!! :hugs::hugs: a lot
    but busy busy too -.-;

    happy to see everyone here
    hum can someone write again here Animeotaku irc ^^;

    try to enter but mistake many time
    and in skype ..didn’t enter yet -.- [gomen errr, haydee and rose-chan !! :hugs:]

    Ranma .. we support you!!! :hugs:

    for something ..i’m going to post some karaoke song from some singers from Ao …in youtube ..
    ^^ just tell

    BIZOU!!! smachou!!! ^^


    ps: where i was in this time …humm watching Naruto [yeah..need to recap everything before a 15 february hehe, and many dramas hehe and Youtube]

  12. o.o you still dunno what Justinus ^^;
    and humm now 2 year you know me ..and i use to much lol

    well just Bisou is a kiss on the cheek in french lol
    and well smachouuuu just my personal kiss from me for a friend ^^
    friendly kiss ^-^

    smachouuuu ^^

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