Changes in life / work / net !

The last 30 days are really crazy .. a lot of changes in short time ..
In life  getting ready to move to the new place and get ready for a new life style !
At work they moved me to another department .. which i don’t like .. ( like you will work in a good place any way )
At net .. O_O i got bad connection and it’s getting really bad .. requested for an upgrade to 1 MB and they tolled me to check after 10 days .. hope it will be OK.
Conclusion i think life it getting revenge from me cuz i had some good time b4 XD

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  1. It’s ok. Good things will follow afterwards. The old Thai said “bad 7 times, good 7 times.” It means that good things always bad things.

  2. Good Luck moving to a new place Ranma πŸ™‚ Moved to another deparment thats gotta suck πŸ™ . Well hopefully everything will work out . But I seem to recall you having bad luck with net from time to time .

  3. Well Ranma….

    I just found out today that half my team would be retrenched and the current development project I’m working on might be canned! So much for work being a happy place…

    I also got major politics coming my way ad no way to escape….management sucks!!!!

    I have to find a new place because my lease runs out the end of this place and I havn’t even started…so much for a happy home…

    And…the icing on the cake…last week…someone tried to mug me…AGAIN!!!!!!

    As you can see…I’m going through a bad phase at the moment as well so you are not alone even if we are seperated by a couple of continents πŸ˜›

    Advice from me….get a dog….at least they give you lots of love without making you miserable πŸ˜›

  4. BTW….I can’t connect to AO….life justs gets more entertaining as the days go buy…I think its time for me to migrate to another country….how does that sound for a change of scenery?

  5. Hope everything works out Ranma πŸ™‚ hmmm bad connection isnt fun, kick it a few times XD that works for me.

  6. I also can’t connect to AO today. Dunno what happened.

    Well, if you want to go, then do it…better than regret later on.

  7. o.o i cannot connect at all
    well maybe because Ranma move his server [read that in AO site]
    Good Luck for moving place Ranma ..
    like Hinata-chan said ..moving for work in other departement is really -.-;
    but keep smile Ranma … and maybe you can move in your department before …

    waii!!!…we have a lot update things to do …

    smachouu!!! ^-^

  8. I can’t go Justy…to many complication swhich are totally out of my control…

    Hallo Miaka…long time no smachouuuu :wub:

    Saw your forum Hinata and I did register….whether I will remember to post….that is another story πŸ˜›

    I usually hang out at Yami’s forum….I can’t maintain 3 forums….not possible for me :P.

    BTW…where is Ranma…I want to irritate him…that should make me feel better XD

  9. Blaen and hinata-chan : :hugs: smachouuuu ^^
    long time no see that true ^^;;…waiting AO everyday …
    humm can find me sometime in youtube, AF or d-addicts ..

    wait o.o Yami forum ..i didn’t know o.o

    :SMACHOUUU: ^^

    :wub: :hugs:

  10. Yes Miaka…it has been a long time but I hope that when AO comes back…. You will really this time come Join us IN OTC….theres always a place for you there and friends who would really like to tal kto you…

    As for your other hangouts…I don’t know those places and I suspect that I wouldn’t be able to access them either :P.

    As for Yami’s forum…here you go…

  11. Its Real…I was talking to Loki…she says she talked to Ranma and he said it was Real…BUT…

    RANMA….before I donate anything, I would like to here it from your own lips…

    What will happen if you don’t reach $1000?

    Oh well…I hope all of you will try and chip in to try to reach the target because I really want AO back πŸ™‚

    I think I will be digging in deep in my pocket πŸ™‚

  12. I’ll have to set up my paypal again since I changed bank accounts for checking .:x not sure how long it takes to validate .

  13. Ranma, a few suggestions I have. One, make it so all links to AO refer to the main page, I for example bookmarked the UserCP so I didn’t know about this donation thingy until I read about it here, i’m quite sure i’m not the only one. (In fact that is what I would expect from every seasoned forum member… but i’m not saying anything :whistle: ) .

    Second suggestion, use the “email all” function, email everyone the fact you are collecting donations now, the time has come to show some AO spirit. Also, make sure that is one swooping notification which will remind them exactly why they want AO to be up again. If you want, I and Blaen ( who I didn’t ask but probably couldn’t keep out of it even if I tried) and few others i’m sure will be more than willing to write it for you, and then of course submit it to you for approval.

    Third, this i’m not too sure about this… but you could give donators a change of status and additional forum rights. Which means, they will have their member status changed from regular member to donator and will be able for example to change their nick for free and etc, maybe extra storage place on the image server, things like that.

    I myself will try to muster a couple of bucks, not sure if I will be able to , but I will try.


    Sally, I joined your forum, loved it, very nice ^_^, I can feel the potential, but I will not be able participate in the… upcoming month, couple of weeks more or less, because time is another thing I lack.. gomen.

    I don’t know about you, but I blame Blaen :).

  14. You know what…if I could blame someone…I would blame me too but seeing that I can’t … its all your bloody fault for reasons that I don’t know but I’m sure you do know.

    It must be that time of the month…where the universe gets back at you for the crap you caught on when you were 8 years old….

  15. Oh yes Ranma…as for Sassy’s suggestion, I would be more than happy to help if that is what you require :). Just ask and I shall deliver πŸ™‚

  16. Haha logged in to post my forum since Hina mentioned it but Blaen beat me too it. Join if you want, its not very active plus the shoutbox is dead right now πŸ™ Not happy with that, but we welcome all spammers XD

  17. When I get my chk from my first sale I can donate to AO!!

    Also dunno if any members here were on my forum the other day when “someone” decided to hack it but the prob is fixed thanks to D-Force ^^

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