Shifts shifts shifts …

Well it’s been hard 2 weeks with all the night shifts that i’m doing ..

But the good thing about night shift is that you have lots of free time to  do somthing.
Tomorrow i’m going to release a vb plugin that was requested.

Till tomorrow then πŸ™‚

Time to be back !

Well it’s been along time since i posted something here ..
heck i almost forgot that i had a blog πŸ™‚

To give you an update, things are going good … solved almost all my problems. Got finaly my mac book pro ( piece of advice GET ONE ), started taking dive master courses.

getting more and more addicted to programing more than ever . ( so i should now finish the new ver of the scripts )

well that’s it for me . maybe i’ll have time to do everything like b4 πŸ™‚