.. the pain .. !

There is serviral type of pain .. physical and emotional .. the big problem is if you suffer them both at the same time. I made surjery and lived on morfin for days to remove the physical pain. but when you start to feel better you get hit by bad news. a friend of mine ( on the net ) died in car crash i received the news from his brother . it was really sad to hear that. we used to talk over the net and have some laughs together. i give my condolences to his family and i hope he rest in peace.

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  1. I know how you feel ranma, Ive had a hard time with this as well. He was my nii-san on AO and my neko-boy…he was and will always be special to me….

    ~hugs ranma~

  2. Ugh… death should be abolished. Friend of my sis’ in school died last week as well. It never gets easy when it’s people you know. Unfortunately, I didn’t know him, and now I never will. Most of all, I mourn the loss of a person. A person with a past, a present and a future. A person whose existence, characteristics, quirks, likes, dislikes were known to many others. A person who cannot truly be replaced by others. I try to look for comfort in the sheer numbers of our race, there are so many wonderful individuals out there, why be so pessimistic? But in the end, all that is to no avail. The person in question was not a human, it was an _individual_. The death of the human is insignificant, the loss of the personality, the seperation from the whole. Individuality, memories, friends, loves, hopes, dreams, ambitions. Those…. those represent the true loss. The only thing that can be done, done to soften the loss, is to remember. Remember to the fullest.

    *takes 2 minutes of silence*

    My condolences, Ranma, Yami and Justin…

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