The internet life !

Well i consider the internet a life. Why ?

Well today i meet a guy for the first time never saw him before and we started to talk and i was talking the usual me suddenly he looked at me and tolled me that I’m an internet person.
I asked what did he mean by internet person. his answer was  that ” You spend most of your time on the net probably you eat and set in front of your computer most of the time”.  i tolled him that he was right .. but what give him that impression about me. He said that i act the same way anyone on the net act.  your way of talking and how to express myself.  and the face expressions that i do when i talk. I tolled him that i was like that since i was young and even before i get access to the net.

still it got me to think do i really have internet life in my real life ?!

Well since that i have been talking with friends on Skype  and it hit me .. I  do live on the net!. and i was like O________O ( yes i do that a lot >_< (even that >_< ) )

You get happy with comment people say and some times get hurt by what people say .. even though you never meet that person in real life just on the net.
Maybe you say something that you consider as funny and people get hurt because of it. you don’t get that feeling unless it did happen to you before.

Well if i did that to someone or hurt him .. i’m really sorry . it’s my bad and i feel sorry for myself.  -_-

Diving trip

Tomorrow is my driving trip

it will be 3 days trip and i’m soooo excited about it ..

This time i got a camera .. so i’m going to take a lot of photos … ( don’t know if i’m going to put it on the web 😛 )

It’s time ..

About 2 month i go i said it’s time to change ..
well i have started the process already. Less work more focusing on what i like most.
Yes i decided to focus on 2 things,

  1. Diving.
  2. Coding.

These 2 is what i like the most so starting from today i dedicate myself to those things.
For the coding part i have already started along time and it’s getting more interesting every day.
maybe i should start also giving in such write how to code in PHP [hint: read ].

I should also recommend a book ( which was recommended by a friend of mine to read) for programing it’s really a nice book to read

CODE COMPLETE (currently reading)

code complete

That’s it for now i should start writing more on the blog 🙂