Attacks on AO site

Well the attacks is still going ..

host can’t do anything except  keep the attack away from the server ..

We will be back ( no mater how long the DDOS goes ) ^_^

Just want everyone to know

Cats attacks

Now i have a cat run freely in the house not only 1 but 2 cats ..

they driving everyone crazy … they attack the food, birds, my pc … what ever they can attack they will attack it .

here is some pics of them

P.s:  i call them  Momo and fat louie !

The diving trip results!

Though it was disaster in arrangement. but it was fun group to dive with. and i had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends ^_^
As always when i ever get a vacation from work i get sick >< yes i got the flu again ( guess it’s part of being workaholic ).

So do you stay at home when you have the flu?
Well most people do but for me i had to go to work .. and i love when everyone run away from me and i keep running behind them XD i keep blaming them for dragging me to work 🙂

Anyway pics of the trip … ( coming soon 😛 )