Cats attacks

Now i have a cat run freely in the house not only 1 but 2 cats ..

they driving everyone crazy … they attack the food, birds, my pc … what ever they can attack they will attack it .

here is some pics of them

P.s:  i call them  Momo and fat louie !

9 Replies to “Cats attacks”

  1. OMG LOVE !!!
    ara ara so cute desu *me steals*!
    *me puts plastic frog on rara chin’s bed instead*
    kekeke who of those two cats is fat louie and who is momo ?

  2. Definitely cute.

    However, why you would want to call your cat “Fat Louie” I have no idea. The cat also has feelings ad when he grows up, the other cats are most probably gonna make fun of him for his weird name!

    Never thought you were the cat type person which adds a new variable to the whole Ranma equation.

    P.S., my kitty cat died 3 weeks ago. His name was “Dapper” and he couldn’t even see at the end because he was blind. But he had a long life (9 years) but it still made me sad 🙁

  3. O_O

    Sorry for your loss Blaen …

    Well the name momo and fat luie is just a quick name
    now i want to name them momo and goofy left to right 2nd pic

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