Leopard …

I tried the new Mac OSX Leopard and i must say IT ROCKS …
I really love everything new in it  many new and cool features …

Now i’m glad that i’m a mac user .

IRobot .. the machine that never say no ..

A friend of mine give me a late new home present ( IRobot ). and i must say it’s really good gift ..

Now i don’t have to worry about cleaning my floor any more irobot will take care of it.

Now if they only invented something that cleans the shelves and make the bed …

The lazy dude .. signing off .. .

Busy life ..

well it have been busy 20 days ….and many things have gone on.

here is some of the most important news :

  1. AO and ES were attacked again …
  2. My young brother wedding ( congrats bro ).
  3. Me getting back to school !!! ( yes continuing my studies).

Those which was really taking much of my time and i was away form the net most of time.

that’s it for now .. will be posting more soon.