2008.. the new begining

It’s been a while since i wrote something. and i should post something. i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  and i wish everyone to be happy.

The reason i’m been away is because i have been really busy with work .. not my full time work but also my part time. life doesn’t go the direction that i want i bearly have time to see my firends or family

I have to work even on holidays which is really not good. but due to seviral reasons i’m forced to do it.  Thus i  have to reorgnize my life,  i hoped that 2008 will be  a start of a good year and a new way of life for me but since day one  it showed me that it won’t ><.  Even while writing this i get another bad news.  ( i’m starting to think i’m under a curse ) .

Well hope your new year is better than mine.  and wish you all the best.

– back with the dead