2008.. the new begining

It’s been a while since i wrote something. and i should post something. i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  and i wish everyone to be happy.

The reason i’m been away is because i have been really busy with work .. not my full time work but also my part time. life doesn’t go the direction that i want i bearly have time to see my firends or family

I have to work even on holidays which is really not good. but due to seviral reasons i’m forced to do it.  Thus i  have to reorgnize my life,  i hoped that 2008 will be  a start of a good year and a new way of life for me but since day one  it showed me that it won’t ><.  Even while writing this i get another bad news.  ( i’m starting to think i’m under a curse ) .

Well hope your new year is better than mine.  and wish you all the best.

– back with the dead


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    Hi, Waiel,
    I posted a comment just now but I’m not sure it worked. Anyway, to repeat myself, I am very impressed with this mod addon, and once I have learned enough(real newbie) I plan to install it at my forum. I will have some questions about how to install in detail, but will ask them in the vbulletin.org thread about this topic.
    Just finding this nifty little addon has brightened my new year; I hope your new year picks up, too!

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