The unknown..

Yesterday my friend who only browse the blog .. said something interesting to me ..

that there is a lot of people who are browsing the site (this blogy) and checking what i write .. i don’t even know them .. ( Yes i’m talking about you , … , yes you the one who is reading this line also .. , yeah i see you 😛 )

made me really think .. what do i have here that people get interested in ?! >_>

Just one thing .. let me know who are you 🙂

i don’t want to start talking to myself .. O_O wait I’m talking to myself 😛


Well today is the day i proposed ^_^
i can say that I’m engaged (soon to be married ^_^)

enough said .. must eat 😛

Spechial Day!

Well Time till Date :

Hardest Game ever ?!

Well today yukaa give me a link to a website that have the hardest game ever ..

You can access the game here :

The trick in that game is to do everything possible to gain the knowledge to figure the riddle from accessing the source code of the page to Google DNA analyzing thing err. . whatever they call it ^_^ , you have to use your computer skillz ( Geeky skills :D) to figure it out. but you’ll have fun ..

i have reached here :

still figuring out the Quiz >< … is that math?!

Miss ME !! ^_^

WOW it has been over 3 months since i wrote something here.
Well I’m not going to say that i was busy, usually i do but i was slacking taking a time off 😛 from everything.

Now that I’m back i need to do some changes here 🙂