The unknown..

Yesterday my friend who only browse the blog .. said something interesting to me ..

that there is a lot of people who are browsing the site (this blogy) and checking what i write .. i don’t even know them .. ( Yes i’m talking about you , … , yes you the one who is reading this line also .. , yeah i see you 😛 )

made me really think .. what do i have here that people get interested in ?! >_>

Just one thing .. let me know who are you 🙂

i don’t want to start talking to myself .. O_O wait I’m talking to myself 😛

6 Replies to “The unknown..”

  1. D: as long you are not talking to flowers like once before rara chin ~ xD lemme introduce myself …..i am yukaa i know you since about 2-3 years and i am a constant inhabitat of your backhouse =D

  2. Hi,

    Im John Smith, And I have known you for a very long time now. My real name isn’t rly John Smith. I am one of the unknown browsing this blog. You’ll some day find out who i am. *stalk stalk*

    To answer: what do i have here that people get interested in ?! >_>
    We are intereseted in you’re secret private life.

  3. hay ranma 😀

    i’m lukedon from AO 😀 i like to come here to see how your doing and find out about AO. plus u’ve helped me out in the past. u rock ranma 😀

  4. Well…you see….

    Its like this…

    I kinda wrote all over the forum that you have a blog of your own. So now everyone knows about it and seeing that you the closest thing to a celebrity we got, we like to keep tabs on your every day life XD

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