Every problem in a relation is caused by a women

In every married life there is always difficulties that face the husband and wife. so what cause the problem? most men doesn’t love to make any problem in fact they try to avoid it as it will make their life miserable. women in the other hand tend to create problems out of nothing just to test men ( OMG WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!) and when it takes a wrong turn Suddenly it’s the man fault .

I don’t say that men doesn’t make mistakes but if you look closely you find the main reason for the problem is a woman.  It doesn’t have to be the wife, but in fact it can be even your mother (a women ), your sister , your friend or even your secret lover ( Just by going there you are in a big problem man ) .

Why women tend to do that? women can’t admit at all that they are wrong no mater what proof that you show them ( even if you have 1000 person testify that it was her fault or show her a recording of the problem)  they never admit ( only few who are smart admit it but even not directly 🙂 ), so what men can do ? well as perviously said it’s the man fault take it and accept it.

We tend to avoid problem and women expect us to accept the problems are our faults. If you stand it will end in a horrible way. There is a solution to this  I will write about it later  🙂

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  1. I hope no one thinks I’m here to defend the women folk or such. I’m just giving my opinion.

    From my own personal experience, I think people are people.

    By that – I mean it’s not fair to be biased towards anyone cause of their gender or background.

    Saying “women like to create problems, and men avoid creating problems” is just too simple and generalized to be realistic.

    Perhaps that is your experience with the women around you.

    I, on the other hand have met a number of emotionally unstable, drama obsessed men. Or controlling and way too demanding ones. However, I also met some wonderful, respectful and intelligent men.

    To me, it doesn’t matter which group is the majority. Just having met some decent men is enough for me to believe that I should look at each person as an individual. Rather than judge half of the population.

    There are more important factors that play a major role in determining what kind of person you are and how you deal with problems – other than gender.

    1. HI Yara,
      Thanks for your words. i do agree with you that there is some people who are drama queens and it may vary. :).
      My thoughts is around normal people who communicate normally and see stuff normally still problem raise from time to time, which is healthy for the relation.
      I remember a stand up comedy guy said in one of his acts :

      When a man talk to another man about a problem he seeks to find a solution and when women want to talk with a man about a problem they just tend to share their problem, now men when they hear a problem they tend to find a solution while all what women want is just to be listened to.

      of course he say it joking while i was thinking about what he said to find that
      i faced what he meant a lot with my wife and i try to find solution for her problem while the fact that she doesn’t need one -_-

      Women sometime forget all the good things that the husband did in a minute of anger and then say that you didn’t do anything good for her “This is a fact”.

      Again this is normal in any relation and men tend to accept it .. ( shame on you men XD ).

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