Back to the drawing board

Well today i really came back to programming . i really missed how programming bring back life into me ( Weird right 🙂 ) .

Been diving into CodeIgniter Framework  and updating an old site project that i built . i’m also diving into jquery to add  functionality to the site however I’m not sure if i should use jquery or mootools any suggestions ?!

Sessions Hateme !!

Today i was working on a clinet webpage and i was building a prototype of the site on my local server. However after finishing most of the requirment  in one big session. i left the system to get something to eat ( And i wish i didn’t ><)

When i came back i found out that my user session on the site expired for being Idel ( which is good ) but i couldn’t login again O_O … even though the user / password is correct the login page keep appearing .. i thought it’s a problem with the cash in the browser so i used another one but the same problem happened .

looks like it’s a bug in the script i used so i couldn’t relogin again … anyone faced this problem .. i don’t want to redo all my work 🙁 .

P.S the script is not written by me it was provided to me to install it for the client.