About Me

Well there is nothing much to tell

My name is Waiel Eid and I’m 29 years old now [omg i’m old!!!] ( born in 14th April 1980),
i love to spend my time on the net (around 16 hours a day not anymore!!!).
My main interest is programming, Scuba diving and watching anime, i try to create new stuff and share it with people on the net.

Currently maintaining 3 jobs:

  1. Main job : System Developer in a telecom company Information security officer at local bank. Invoicing manager at ISP Company.
  2. Part Time: Web hosting Technical support.
  3. Freelance : doing programming in my free time. 🙂

i spend my time either reading or experimenting, inventing stuff on my PC MAC.

In love with the only one ( My wife ^_^ )

Well that’s all what i can say for now 🙂

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