Year 2011 in review by google

2011 was a year full of surprises and it indeed caught the attention of a lot of people.

Google made  a video reviewing the events in 2011 and what the most searches happened in 2011



A song that says it all

Another great song from the famous rock star Nickelback. This song words speaks the truth about what really happening in the word and how our reaction to it ..

Sit and enjoy

A lyrics video


the music video for the song.


What right did Britin have ?

here is George Galloway talking about how the Brits gave Israel Palestinian territories. Many Jewish sympathizers claim Mr. Galloway is an “Apologists” whatever that means,  but i do agree with him. What right did Britain have to grant someone else country ?

Plz listin to it and tell me what you think ?


Here is the same one with arabic translation


And we are back …

After a really long stop i’m back ( Wow around 18 months passed without updates! ) With a new blog style, I was trying to organize my life and I managed to do so, I have lot’s of plans and goals that I want to achieve.

Now that i’m armed with determination and good will i’m really happy to start and accepting this challenge .

Challenge accepted

Here just a heads up on what happened in the past 18 months

  1. I got a new job.
  2. Life is now stable for me.
  3. Got a new baby boy (named him Mohammed), his birthday is the same as Yousef (19 Aug ).
  4. Accepting more freelance jobs, which give me more income (YAY).
  5. Have a free time for myself and my family.
  6. Managed to get deep in programming and changed my methods.


Some of my goals:

  1. Restore my sites (Anime Sites) and bring them back to life.
  2. Provide more helpful resource (giving back to the community).
  3. Build my own web business (Which is in progress).
  4. Keep posting in my blogs at least once a week.


That’s all for now but surely it’s not last 🙂

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Got my break ..!

Well i finally got my break i was away from work and went for vacation to Japan,  it was really amazing place and amazing people i’ll post pics and details of the trip here for sure .

last 2 month was really hard at work with all the project that we were handling but alas we are done with that. went on vacation relaxed and came back to work with some little projects. i was away from most of the responsibilities and I’m trying to catch up with i, hopefully I’ll be able finish it all .

Stuff i like ( Windows 7 it’s too late )

Well i decided that i’ll post about stuff i like that i found around the net to share it with eveyrone and to keep a track of it for future .. so let’s start .

here is a video about windows 7 and mac 🙂