The diving trip results!

Though it was disaster in arrangement. but it was fun group to dive with. and i had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends ^_^
As always when i ever get a vacation from work i get sick >< yes i got the flu again ( guess it’s part of being workaholic ).

So do you stay at home when you have the flu?
Well most people do but for me i had to go to work .. and i love when everyone run away from me and i keep running behind them XD i keep blaming them for dragging me to work 🙂

Anyway pics of the trip … ( coming soon 😛 )

Diving trip

Tomorrow is my driving trip

it will be 3 days trip and i’m soooo excited about it ..

This time i got a camera .. so i’m going to take a lot of photos … ( don’t know if i’m going to put it on the web 😛 )

Time to be back !

Well it’s been along time since i posted something here ..
heck i almost forgot that i had a blog 🙂

To give you an update, things are going good … solved almost all my problems. Got finaly my mac book pro ( piece of advice GET ONE ), started taking dive master courses.

getting more and more addicted to programing more than ever . ( so i should now finish the new ver of the scripts )

well that’s it for me . maybe i’ll have time to do everything like b4 🙂

2 years.

It’s has been 2 years since i started scuba diving and it’s really great way to relax. Most people get afraid if they get underwater. thinking that they will drown (for god sake you have a tank of air on your back), there is nothing to be afraid of. make sure you check your tank while you under water or your really going to drown XD
another thing people ask when you tell them your diving is sharks, and as soon as you tell them that sharks are harmless they don’t trust you. The nature of all animals are defensive if you don’t bug them they will leave you alone, it’s same with sharks they don’t attack you unless you attack or disturb peace

I’ll add some pictures of me diving soon