What right did Britin have ?

here is George Galloway talking about how the Brits gave Israel Palestinian territories. Many Jewish sympathizers claim Mr. Galloway is an “Apologists” whatever that means,  but i do agree with him. What right did Britain have to grant someone else country ?

Plz listin to it and tell me what you think ?

Here is the same one with arabic translation

The love of update

Well next week is going to be a busy week. i’m updating the webserver + updating my mac + updating my IPhone + updating the websites that i have ..

really is should call it update week .

Changing the net-life !

Well as you can see  it’s been a while since i write anything here .

so i though i should change the blog and remodel it to start a new era..

and era for my net life.
So starting today the Blog will be all about rants, macs, and tech \0/

wait a min .. it’s the same as the old one just the title change … oh well .. let’s pretend it just started -_-

AO domain recaptured

AO went down due to the registrer (directnic.com) didn’t notify me about the expirey of the domain so the domain went into redumption period. when i asked them to return it they asked for $180 to be sent to them via wire transfer not by CC

but thanks to Godaddy.com they managed to retrived the domain when it was released and registred it again to me.

Now AO is back online