2008.. the new begining

It’s been a while since i wrote something. and i should post something. i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  and i wish everyone to be happy.

The reason i’m been away is because i have been really busy with work .. not my full time work but also my part time. life doesn’t go the direction that i want i bearly have time to see my firends or family

I have to work even on holidays which is really not good. but due to seviral reasons i’m forced to do it.  Thus i  have to reorgnize my life,  i hoped that 2008 will be  a start of a good year and a new way of life for me but since day one  it showed me that it won’t ><.  Even while writing this i get another bad news.  ( i’m starting to think i’m under a curse ) .

Well hope your new year is better than mine.  and wish you all the best.

– back with the dead


The diving trip results!

Though it was disaster in arrangement. but it was fun group to dive with. and i had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends ^_^
As always when i ever get a vacation from work i get sick >< yes i got the flu again ( guess it’s part of being workaholic ).

So do you stay at home when you have the flu?
Well most people do but for me i had to go to work .. and i love when everyone run away from me and i keep running behind them XD i keep blaming them for dragging me to work 🙂

Anyway pics of the trip … ( coming soon 😛 )

And it ends !

Finaly it’s over

no more shifts ..

today is my last day with shifts .. now i can reast after work days 🙂

holidays and work.

Well the holidays are still the same for me .. Yeb you got it .. work!

i though that the shifts should stop after monitoring and testing the system, but the management didn’t decide to fix the problem :duh: ..

So shifts still going even during weekends.

Shifts shifts shifts …

Well it’s been hard 2 weeks with all the night shifts that i’m doing ..

But the good thing about night shift is that you have lots of free time to  do somthing.
Tomorrow i’m going to release a vb plugin that was requested.

Till tomorrow then 🙂

Time to be back !

Well it’s been along time since i posted something here ..
heck i almost forgot that i had a blog 🙂

To give you an update, things are going good … solved almost all my problems. Got finaly my mac book pro ( piece of advice GET ONE ), started taking dive master courses.

getting more and more addicted to programing more than ever . ( so i should now finish the new ver of the scripts )

well that’s it for me . maybe i’ll have time to do everything like b4 🙂

Changes in life / work / net !

The last 30 days are really crazy .. a lot of changes in short time ..
In life  getting ready to move to the new place and get ready for a new life style !
At work they moved me to another department .. which i don’t like .. ( like you will work in a good place any way )
At net .. O_O i got bad connection and it’s getting really bad .. requested for an upgrade to 1 MB and they tolled me to check after 10 days .. hope it will be OK.
Conclusion i think life it getting revenge from me cuz i had some good time b4 XD

Changing the way life goes

Well yesterday i went to a company event .. and played football with them.. i was shocked that i was out of shape !! well not really sitting in front of pc mac all day will do that 4 sure . so i decided to change .. ( since life doesn’t change ).

i signed up for a health center and started morning training .. ( heck of time to start so damn cold ) .
a step into the new life .. ( what the heck I’m doing) !

life still the same

well i thought that everything going to change. but it’s still the same ..
Some people wonder why i stay in front of PC mac a lot, well the simple reason is how life is.

Lately i see some weird behavior from the people around me friends, Family  & even co-workers. which make me wonder why are they doing things like this. the only escape for me is the PC mac and the internet world, at least i find myself there  doing what i like, getting some good/bad feedback about the things i do from people who don’t know me , at least they are honest about it. Sometimes i value an internet friend more than a real life friend.

Back and still alive ..

Well I’m back .. and still kicking 🙂
My first Priority is to

1- get Ao back online.
2- Finish the new script for the image hosting ..

For Ao it’s getting complete makeover and I’m having Lot’s of help from the members 🙂 and it should be great when it comes out.

As for the script it’s also getting a complete Redo + adding more features to it. next release will be ver 2.0.
Other than that I’m back to my old work and i feel somewhat different 🙂