A very bad month

the last month was really a bad one for me ..

Nothing absolutely nothing went the way i wanted .. even work :(.
that’s not all even the internet, having problems with isp, Site getting DDOSed and banks closing my online accounts!
You’ll always know that there something not right .. and you get that bad feeling that it’s going to hit very bad.

So I’m running away .. from everything .. ill be going on vacation .. which will start on 15th of Nov .. till 28th.

that’s 15 days ahead, i have to survive for 2 more weeks .. !

A Boring day at work …

Yes it’s be coming more and more boring everyday.
since it’s summer a lot of people goes on vacations and leave the other handling their work, Why does the process goes like this!?

The big problem is someone took a long vacation (let’s say 30 day vacation ) he will be back with nothing to

remember from work. All his memories about his job, projects, passwords and they way work is  have been reset.

So why do they allow long vacations.

Probably so make other people life miserable !