Free Scripts

Scripts i’m curently working on :

  1. Vbimagehost :
  2. vBJirc :
    • a java irc integration script that was requested by a member in you can get it at

New scripts will be added as soon as it released

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  1. Hi brother,

    I love your VB image hosting script, can you please update this hack to make it compatible with vb4? please do it, at-least a patch version for now.

    Hope for the best.


    1. Hi veer,
      well i don’t have a license for VB4
      the way they implemented the new license really bugged me so i didn’t renew with them .

      How many people really want this to be in VB4? i thought people stopped using it and started using the vB album

      1. I do have a license for VB4… On my development forums (Not publicly accessible). So far, VB Image Host survived the upgrade from VB3.8 without any problems and works perfectly for me.
        Projects, the official add-on, does not work at all though.

        In short, Excellent job, Waiel!!

  2. Not just me then.

    As above, this is a brilliant add-on and something that’s stopping me from taking the plunge and upgrading to 4.

    I also have a licence and a dev site set up if you need the access.

    I’m looking into it at the mo to see if I can modify it to fully work with VB4 but it’s a bit past my learning curve at the mo. The actions are working fine but their template handling system has changed lots so all the eval statements need modifying (causing the errors) and the variable usage is worked different. If you want to mail me i’d be very interested in helping out where I can and learning from this.



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