Graphics Goal

i have a big problem when it comes to graphics and 3D designs .
I always drools on a great graphic or 3d modules .. which made me dive into this area  more.
lately i have been going around the web for 3d/ graphic site and i was amazed about all the stuff out there.

So i downloaded a demo of 4d cinema and I’ll try my luck in doing a module or something :)  hopefully i won’t suck that much.

if i do something ( which is actually have a structure or at least called something )  I’ll post it here

Superman or Super lame !

finally after weeks of work i manged to get a time to watch a movie 🙂
the movie that i watched was superman returns and let me say .. that it sucks …!

why it’s always that the second release of any movie sucks big time .. ( I’m not saying that all the movies do so ), but from what i heard that Pirate of the caribbean
is good well on my next free time I’ll get get a look at it 🙂

A Boring day at work …

Yes it’s be coming more and more boring everyday.
since it’s summer a lot of people goes on vacations and leave the other handling their work, Why does the process goes like this!?

The big problem is someone took a long vacation (let’s say 30 day vacation ) he will be back with nothing to

remember from work. All his memories about his job, projects, passwords and they way work is  have been reset.

So why do they allow long vacations.

Probably so make other people life miserable !

Finally i got my iMac

After long saving and consideration =) i got my iMac 20″ ( )

been using it for the last few days now and i must say .. Apple really rules.

I stopped using my windows box and i found all the programs that i used on windows available on Mac.

i left my windows box for Online games XD

DDOS Global

Well i have faced alot of DDOS in the last week. it’s not only my site but also Many websites on the net. Soechialy Anime websites.

Site such as cybertokyo, Backa Updates ,  Even Fansubbers such as wanabefansub.  makes you wonder what is the gool behind this and why during the world cup ?!

Heavy week .

Well it’s been a heavy week since the world cup started
everyone is intrested in it and skip work to watch the games
personaly i don’t like football or socore .. 

 it’s been long time since i last post so i thought i should post something 🙂


Apple unveils new MacBook laptops

Apple unveiled its much-anticipated MacBook Tuesday. A replacement for both the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook G4, the MacBook features an Intel Core Duo processor and a new 13-inch glossy widescreen display. The new MacBook is available in three configurations that range in price from $1,099 to $1,499. The company also added features to its existing MacBook Pro offerings.